What We Do

We are a program designed to examine how mother/daughter dyads from local communities, can be prime movers in developing, implementing, and evaluating  cervical cancer prevention interventions that resonate with them using evidence-based implementation strategies tailored to their specific needs.

Why We Do It

Nigeria Today

The cervical cancer burden is high in Nigeria, despite being one of the most common and treatable forms of cancer.

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women in sub-Saharan Africa.

Despite this, cervical cancer screening rates are low in Nigeria and other sub-Saharan countries because of multiple barriers.

Due to this

Nigeria has one of the highest burdens of cervical cancer in Africa, with an estimated 14,943 new cervical cases and 10,403 related deaths annually.

How we do it

We believe that the best way to inspire the uptake of HPV self collection and vaccination within any given community is from within the community.

 It has been proven that the vaccination of  adolescent girls is the most effective long-term intervention for reducing cervical cancer risk.

HPV self collection among women is important for  detection of the disease in its early-stages when it can be properly treated.

Feminine power is silent, dark, mysterious, healing, nurturing. A woman can walk into a room and control it if she knows where her power is.

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The Impact

Better informed and supported Moms and Daughters= Stronger Families=Stronger Communities=Stronger Nation

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