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We are 4 girls and women, a team of individuals, researchers, community activists, girls and women, all united with a common goal to eliminate cervical cancer in Nigeria and globally.

Our Mission

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Our Mission

We believe that girls and women can become empowered to end cervical cancer globally. We seek fresh and dynamic voices and experiences of mothers (including caregivers) and daughters to collaborate as a team to identify ways to promote HPV vaccination for girls and HPV screening for women. We believe you hold a mirror to our society and can challenge conventional expectations about ways to end cervical cancer.


Our Vision

A world where cervical cancer is eliminated.


Our Values


We value girls and women, above all things. We believe you hold the mirror to our society and we exist to serve, listen, learn, and lead with and for you.


We are constantly seeking new and culturally-centered ways to end cervical cancer in Nigeria and globally. We believe you have the experience and we are eager to learn from you.


We are committed to changing as we build, uplifting as we work to find ways to end cervical cancer. We value your trust and are prepared always to make changes to suit your needs, your perspectives, and your context.


We believe that mother (or other female caregivers) and daughter bonds are integral in our society. Part love, part friendship, part sisterhood, part community, we are open to listening and learning of ways this bond can be used to end cervical cancer.

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Answer the question: How might we increase cervical cancer self-screening and HPV vaccination amongst girls and women in Nigeria?

Meet The Team

Core Leadership

Professor in Global Health

Dr. Juliet Iwelunmor

Professor in Global Health

Dr. Iwelunmor is an implementation scientist and an Associate Professor in Behavioral Science and Health Education. She has led a multi-center stepped-wedge randomized controlled trial (UH3HD096929) conducted across 32 sites in Nigeria and has a strong track record of NIH funding to address uptake and sustainability of evidence-based health interventions in diverse populations.1 Her training in human development and family studies and methods and expertise in implementation science is broadly applicable to adolescent and women health outcomes including implementation and dissemination methods, and youth participatory research methods. She has published extensively on women’s health and crowdsourcing approaches for health promotion in sub-Saharan Africa. She has an excellent record of NIH funding to implement pragmatic trials for in sub-Saharan Africa.

Professor of Medicine

Dr. Joseph Tucker

Professor of Medicine

Dr. Tucker is an infectious diseases physician and social scientist with a special interest in crowdsourcing and related participatory methods. He is also an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel-Hill and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Dr. Tucker brings the expertise of crowdsourcing to the project.  He has led several randomized controlled trials, including stepped wedge RCTs that evaluated the effectiveness of crowdsourced interventions, co-created by youth.

Director of Research and Professor of Maternal, Reproductive and Child Health

Dr. Oliver Ezechi

Director of Research and Professor of Maternal, Reproductive and Child Health

Dr. Ezechi is a trained Obstetrician and Gynecologist and is the Director of Research at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research,where he oversees clinical research protocols. He has overseen numerous federal grants including NIH and CDC grants. He has extensive experience in the execution of clinical research protocols in community-based settings. He has also worked extensively on projects on cervical cancer prevention and management in Nigeria.

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